About the Core

About our API Core technology.

What is the Dezrez Core API?

The Dezrez Core API is the backbone to all of our latest product offerings, and is a programmatic interface to all operations that can be performed across all of these products. It is based on JSON, and is secured using OAuth2.

What can be achieved with Core?

People use our API primarily to deliver apps that deliver some value for Estate Agents, thier customers, or partners. For example - many people use the API to deliver the very best online experiences for Vendors - allowing them to run thier own marketing, manage thier own viewings and even negotiate thier own sales. We also have a basic integration option for websites, where we can supply a simple search function for getting Estate Agents properties on thier website. If you want to get started, you just need to register your application with us, as below.

Where can I learn more?

Feel free to browse through our developer portal guides or visit our github for coding examples, authentication guides and white papers.

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