Featured properties.

This feature returns a list of properties marked as featured in the Dezrez software.

Adding featured properties

There are two methods of using the featured properties; you can either use the link below directly or add an extra paramater to use it as a JavaScript include.

Link example:

JavaScript include example:


<script language="javascript" src="http://www.dezrez.com/DRAPP/DotNetSites/WebEngine/Property/featuredproperties.aspx?apikey=DEBF038A-8047-42F8-B0A8-12C35DA33F13&eaid=398&xslt=1&js=true">//</script>

The parameters that can be passed are as follows:

Parameter name Data type Value Description
apiKey string Example:
The API (Application Programing Interface) key is an identifier unique for the estate agent and needs to be provided with any request made to the dezrez web engine. After the initial request the web engine will attempt to store the API key for any subsequent request for that session. A key can be obtained from the dezrez web team (0845 465 2222). This is a compulsory value.
eaid int The Estate Agency ID – This number can be obtained from the dezrez web team (0845 465 2222). This is a compulsory value.
sessionGUID string Example:
The session GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) is used to identify the website users current session. If the user is logged in and has properties in their portfolio those properties will be compared against the latest to see if any match, if so the porfolio attribute on the property is updated.
branchList string Comma delimited list of values
e.g. “21,22,23”
The branch ID number – i.e. can be use to return properties from a selected offices.
rentalPeriod int 0/blank will return sale properties
2 all results in per day
3 all results in per week
4 all results in PCM
5 all results in per Quarter
6 all results in per Year
Specifies whether the search will return sales or rental properties. Returns sales if omitted.
xslt int -1 Set this value to -1 to return the latest properties as XML.

XML specification

The XML specification used for the latest properties is identical to the search results.